The shutter curtain is made of 0.8mm thick, 75mm or 100mm pitch and 19mm wide superior double skin zincalume steel slats. These slats are manufactured by a roll forming process and constructed of reinforced interlocking slat profiles. The hollow of the slat is filled with mineral rockwool of a minimum density of 80 kg/m3 to provide thermal and acoustic insulation. These are provided with plastic end locks. For external applications, the shutters can withstand a 40 km/h wind speed, with wind locks as optional reinforcement. 

Side guides

A heavy duty 3mm thick aluminum box guide profile fitted with seals can be used to enhance acoustic and thermal insulation. Alternatively, ‘G’ shaped guides made of heavy duty 75mm wide x 100mm deep x 1.5mm thick galvanized steel can be used where the application requires it.

Bottom bar

The leading slat is roll formed from zincalume steel of thickness equal to that of the slat and fitted with flat galvanized steel bars to function as the necessary deadweight. The leading slat is filled with rockwool and has a groove to receive the weather seal.

Shutter box

The shutter box is made out of two heavy duty steel endplates of thickness 4mm to 7mm according to the size of the shutter; joined together using five steel hollow sections of 50mm x 25mm, primer finished in black. Two 50mm x 50mm x 4.5mm thick steel angles with slotted fixing holes are welded with the end plates to fix the shutter box to the building structure. A seal shall be provided along the width of the shutter box where the slats emerge.


The barrel is made of a heavy duty seamless steel pipe, welded with axles of dia 35mm to dia 50mm according to the size of the shutter. This barrel is fixed to the right and left endplates with heavy duty sealed roller bearings. 

Box Cover

The shutter box covers are made out of 0.8mm thick zincalume steel sheets, with the edges folded to provide rigidity.




The motor is suitably sized with a fully enclosed design. The motor has a high starting torque, built-in gear box and a built-in thermal protector. The motor gearbox has a inbuilt centrifugal type speed governor that ensures safety in the event of a free fall. In case of power failure, an endless hand chain is provided for manual operation from the ground level. Adjustable limit switches are used to set the upper and lower limit for the travel of the curtain. 

Push button control

Push button control with ‘up’, ‘down’ and ‘stop’ buttons are housed in a lockable push button box. The outer cover of the push button box is made of stainless steel. Weatherproof NEMA rated push button boxes can be provided as an option.



M&E Requirements


1 phase, 230V, 50Hz, 13A / 3 phase, 415V, 50Hz, 20A power supply at shutter box location.


Safety edge: The safety edge is fitted to the base of the bottom bar and stops downward travel of the curtain when obstructed and automatically reverses the travel. The moment the safety edge touches an obstruction, the pressure switch activates the logic control of the motor remotely without the need of cables, and reverses the direction of the motor.

Remote controls

Wind locks to provide additional stability in high wind exposed applications

Bottom bar weather seal

Removable sliding mullion for applications exceeding stated maximum widths.

Vision panels