• Test Standards: SS 489:2001, BS 476 Pt 22
  • Fire Resistance: Up to 4 hours
  • Fire Insulation: N/A
  • Operation: Motorized
  • Min. Box Size: 450mm (d) x 500mm (h)
  • Max. Shutter Size: 5.5M (w) x 20m (l) in a single panel. 
  • Activation: Fire Alarm Signal
  • Finishes: Galvanized Steel


Single Skin Curtain Slat
The shutter curtain is made of 72mm pitch galvanized steel slats cold rolled into single or double skin forms, interlocked for strength and with the edges cut off to lock their axial movement. 

Guide Rails
The guide rails are made of heavy duty 3mm thick x 46mm wide x 96mm deep profiles. Curtain hold-fast devices ensure that the curtain does not dislodge from the guide rail.

Bottom Bar
A suitably weighted steel profile 50mm tall is affixed with the leading slat to form an interface with the floor or destination wall.
Shutter Box and Access Panel
The shutter box is formed from two heavy duty endplates that are joined together using 5 hollow sections. Bent steel sheets that are folded to provided rigidity create the cover for the box while an access panel is provided for manual over-ride operation. 

The barrel is made of a heavy duty seamless steel pipe of a suitable diameter. The ends are welded with axles of suitable dia according to the size of the shutter and fixed to the right and left endplates with heavy duty sealed roller bearings. 

Box Cover
The shutter box covers are made out of 0.8mm thick zincalume steel sheets, with the edges folded to provide rigidity.





Motor Operation
The motor has a high starting torque, built-in gear box, overload protection and a built-in thermal protector. Manual over-ride crank-head is provided at the end of the motor shaft.

Push Button Control
Push button control with ‘up’, ‘down’ and ‘stop’ buttons are housed in a lockable push button box. The outer cover of the push button box is made of stainless steel. 

Standard Activation
Fire Alarm Signal: Where fire shutters are needed to be activated by fire alarm signal, a dual fusible link (electric solenoid releaser) is used which releases the brake of the motor, upon receipt of a 24V DC, 400mA fire alarm signal. A reset pull is provided to reapply the brake on the motor. 



M&E Requirements


3 phase, 415V, 50Hz, 20A power supply at shutter box location.  

Fire Alarm Signal

24V DC, 400mA, normally open fire alarm signal at fire shutter’s shutter box location. Where a voltage free fire alarm signal is used, a fire alarm signal conversion panel will be provided as needed. See optional activation mechanisms. Emergency power source MUST be provided at the shutter box location.


Galvanized steel finish